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Turbulent times require moving solutions. The Z-Institute AG seeks, develops and promotes innovative products in the field of drive technology and other trend-setting products. The goal here is to produce and to market them. The main aim among others is the innovative electrically based drive.

What moves us:

We are currently at a turning point in the history of the industry. The Internet meets the real world. No one will be able to avoid this development. For manufacturing companies this means to engage the new requirements of the future, because even the most complex production processes will change greatly.

In times where it is possible to manufacture most of an automobile, in an oversized printer, it is important to have a watchful eye on these new innovations and to inspire passion for new thinking. Despite the fact that the available resources are becoming increasingly scarce, we think, that it will be possible in the long term to live a life of prosperity.

Mobility is a key segment here. We want to move people, bring them to their destination: Safe, comfortable and as easy on the environment as possible. With this in mind, we have completely thought through electric drives. They will be adapted to the requirements of future mobility, consume less and require lower maintenance. They are simple, easy and fit into the future concepts of worldwide electric mobility. Talk to us.



  • Innovative direct drive for every bike


    Innovative direct drive for every bike

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  • Innovative direct drive for a car


    Innovative direct drive for a car

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Innovative direct drive for every bike

The E-bike drive going by the name bimoz coming soon is also an innovation by the Z-Institute. The advantage of this technology: It can be installed into any existing bike. Thus, a large market in the already highly successful segment of E-bikes and Pedelecs world opens up.

The unique riding experience (mountain feeling) is only one argument for the bimoz. Its absolute lightweight is a revolution. While conventional E-bikes stand out (negatively) in particular due to their high weight (at least up to 40 kg), the bimoz is only 1.97 kg (incl. battery), an absolute light weight on the road. The direct drive motor as a design is installed directly in the pedal. This can be installed in a few minutes by the retailer. The dealer is also the main target group for this product, because good margins are achievable.

  • Direct drive: No gears, belts or clutches between the driver and the main drive sprocket
  • Toothed belt drive: No maintenance - high performance
  • Low component count: Less weight, less cost, easy to install
  • Low cost - good margins
  • Compatible with all d√©railleur systems - perfect use of the motor torque
  • On-board computer with various training courses


Innovative direct drive for a car

The future mobility requirements will differ from that of today in many areas. It does not matter how the complex topic of electro mobility appears today, sooner or later it will be electric. Z-Institute has developed the qmoz.

This trend-setting direct drive is characterised by its energy-saving and extremely powerful character (1,200 Nm). Attached to all four wheels it delivers more than enough power when torque is required. The special patented 3-stage concept allows this feat using super capacitors. Through a special technique the engine behaves as a generator when braking and recharges the capacitors, and up to 90% of the energy that is normally lost as heat energy is won back. The direct drive is the best possible step in the next generation of vehicles for pure electric cars, as well as for the hybrid. The concept is designed so that it fits in the range of requirements for future propulsion systems. We would like to talk to you and evaluate whether this drive system also fits your vision of electro mobility.

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